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Showcase of Work

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Special Olympics

In high school, I was apart of Jr. Larcs which was a club dedicated to helping connect students with other students with developmental and intellectual disabilities. In this club, we would eat lunch with the students with disabilities, put on parties for them, and be their coaches in various sports. I was a coach for skiing and we go skiing three times a year. We would start with a day trip and then we would go back and stay for three days in cabins that were donated for us to stay in for that weekend. During the three-day ski trip, we would all eat dinner together and the students all participated in a talent show. The individuals with special needs ranged from all ages which made it so special to see them all have a good time together. The students were so happy and all in their element while performing, it warmed my heart. For the actually skiing portion of the trip, I would go up the mountain with them and ski down with them. Depending on their skills some would stay on the bunny hill and others would go up the hill with more advanced coaches. The whole trip was playful and some of the individuals with special needs wanted to race and have competitions going down the mountain. Being apart of this club really allowed me to appreciate and become close to a lot of individuals with special needs. Each year when we go back they all remembered me and were so excited to see me. They will always have a special place in my heart and I will always cherish the memories I made with them.

X-Culture Video Report

During Global Business I had a group of five students from around the world working on a project together. We had to create a 15-19 page paper based off our research of a company and our personal findings.

Insurance Final Project

I conducted a risk assessment of a family that provided recommendations. My first step was choosing a family which was my own. The next step included identifying loss exposures such as our single-family home, car, human life, and the rentals that we own. I then went on to list the different types of insurances we have and provide recommendations to improve their coverage.

Retirement Final Project

I had to design a retirement plan for myself and another individual to help plan for the future. This included goals I wanted to achieve before retirement, retirement needs, and numerous scenarios to help explain the best way for them to retire.

Final Marketing Project

In my Introduction to Marketing class, I had to come up with a product on my own and develop a marketing plan. I worked on the project throughout the semester adding small parts at a time. The project consisted of coming up with a price for my product, finding a target market, developing a plan to promote it, and coming up with a product that is desirable for consumers and finding a product that hasn't met the needs of the consumers. I also had to include its potential competitors and create a SWOT Analysis for it. This project taught me how to do research and find out ways to develop a product that has little to no research and information about it. I had to find ways and connections to come up with a reasonable price and ways to promote my product through marketing. It showed me how expensive marketing a product can be, and how you have to come up with creative ways to get your product out to the public on a small budget. Throughout the semester I had to use my time wisely and make sure that I didn't wait till the last minute to do my project. I set deadlines for myself on sections to make sure that I was not procrastinating and that I had enough time to complete the project and give it my all.

McDonalds SWOT Analysis

During my first semester of college, I had to do a group project creating a SWOT analysis for McDonald's. Throughout the semester we got together at least once a week to make sure that we were all on top of our duties and to practice presenting. This project got my feet wet with all of the outside research we had to do to find information about the McDonald Corporation. The presentation had to be 20 minutes and my group and I memorized all the information so that we could keep our eyes on our classmates. This project helped me get over my fear of public speaking because I was confident in our research and practiced a lot I felt prepared to talk in front of everyone and it took off some of the pressure since I knew what I was talking about. I haven't been a huge fan of group projects in the past because there are always people who don't care and don't put in as much effort as you. This project helped me grow as a person because it made me realize that is how the real world is going to be because you won't always agree and get along with your coworkers. My group and I were able to take everyone's strengthens and weaknesses and come together to help each other. Even though we all had different opinions and ideas on how we should do the project, we were able to come as a group and compromise with one another.

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